Services for Schools

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Family, staff and pupil support

We fully appreciate that school staff do not have adequate time to meet with parents, attend meetings, provide 1:1 and small group interventions for low level family and community needs. We also understand the growing demands on mainstream SENDCo's with the increasing numbers of SEND pupils being placed in mainstream schools. SENDS Support CIC now provide a Pastoral Service to enable schools to better support their pupils, families and community. 

Pastoral Support

Supporting parents and in-school interventions for groups and individuals.

Full or half day sessions with a consultant. Package includes:   

Sign posting to other agencies if required

Liaising with school staff, families, school and other professionals such as Social Care and School Health

Attending agency meetings on behalf of the school

Interventions in school around behaviour, anxiety, feelings and emotions.

SENDCo Support

Supporting improvements in SEND across the school.

Setting up systems, provision mapping, coaching and training teachers and teaching assistants.

Advice on classroom setting and support, ensuring that staff and classrooms enable all children to achieve their full potential.

We observe lessons and interventions, providing written and verbal advice to inform good practice.

Support with provision-mapping, reviewing policies, reviewing and writing IEP’s, EHCP’s, GRIP applications and Pupil Support Plans.

Develop and model interventions for ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Sensory Impairment, Communication and Positive Behaviour Support

Behaviour Surgery for parents

Supporting families to understand and change behaviours that challenge at home

Named consultant for families

Individual/group support for families

Training courses for parents and carers

Support with behaviour analysis

Strategies and support plans for home

Home visits if needed 

Behaviour surgery for staff

In-school support for behaviours that challenge

In-class observations

Behaviour analysis

Class/department training 

Strategy support – modelling and implementation

Advice and consultation on behaviour policy, practices, structures and working protocols.

Advice on transition, reintegration and managed moves. 

Advice on the writing and development of IEP’s, EHCP’s, behaviour targets, behaviour plans, behaviour contracts, individual support programs and positive handling plans.

Assessments and reports on individual students 

Feedback meetings with parents and carers are available if required.