We are all individuals...

We do not have a magic wand or a cure for special needs, however we do have the time, knowledge and understanding to teach you the skills to enable your child to reach their full potential. To give you the ability, as a family, to believe in yourselves and provide coping strategies to help your child make sense of the world and feel happy and safe within their home and community.

Who are the support packages for?

 Your child may be struggling with anxiety, or low self-esteem, they may have become disengaged with school or be struggling to cope when they find something difficult. You might need ways you can support them, both now and in the future, or you may be desperately trying to understand a new diagnosis and what this means for your child and your family.

Do you have questions that no-one is answering? Is your child struggling with something they need help with now - not when you can get an appointment or to the end of a waiting list? 

Are you fed up of asking yourself :

  • Why does my child lose their temper over the smallest thing?                                 
  • Why can't my child organise themselves?                                                                   
  • Why is my child anxious about going out?                                                                  
  • Why is my child struggling to go to school?                                                               
  • Why won't my child brush their teeth?                                                                        

Why wait when you can get the answers you need today?

We offer free first 30 minute consultation

Family Support Packages

Please contact us for a no obligation discussion regarding prices - we fundraise throughout the year to Keep costs to families low and may be able to subsidise some costs if funds allow

Our hourly fee

 Our per hourly fee includes a written report and one follow up phone call and one follow up e-mail. Beyond this calls and e-mails will be invoiced at £3 per five minutes. This means that you will never pay more for services than the time it takes to complete the work.